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In its amazing mixture of rich history and all amenities that contemporary tourist is looking for, the city of Zadar offers numerous tourist attractions. If you are searching for an ideal accommodation, cultural monuments, autochthonous gourmet delicacies or various excursion programmes, you have chosen the best destination for the rest, recreation and entertainment.  

Zadar is a monument itself and its glorious history is written everywhere on its walls, pavements, churches, etc. Zadar is a rare jewel made of cultural treasure. Prehistoric remains, classical art, Old Croatian art, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque are intertwined here in harmony.

Among the contemporary architectural achievements the most interesting one is definitely the Sea Organ and that is the only one of that kind in the world. 

Numerous churches from various periods of time have been well preserved. In the town nucleus there are about 70 and in the surrounding area there are about 600 churches.

Alfred Hitchcock visited Zadar abut 40 years ago and proclaimed the sunset in Zadar “the most beautiful one in the world”. His opinion is shared by countless tourists who enjoy watching sunset every evening when the sea embraces the sun. At the same time you can listen to the “music” of the world famous Sea Organ which is situated next to the magic urban light installation called Greeting to the Sun.


The beach is situated on the west coast of the island and you will find places for sunbathing and walking along the coast. The sea is shallow and suitable for small children either for swimming or playing various games in the sea. It is reachable by car or by boat (around the island).


There is a possibility to go to St Michael (265m high) for a trip by car. It is 3km distance and from the remains of the tower you can enjoy in spectacular view on more than 200 islands of Zadar’s archipelago including the National Park Kornati.


The Park of Nature was named after Telašćica Bay and it is situated in the south east part of Dugi Otok. The bay is about 8 km long and the southern part of the bay is 1,6km broad. That part of the bay opens towards the Kornati islands. Inside the bay the coastline is very indented and there are 25 coves, capes and 5 islets. Thanks to its position it is protected from the violent blows of the north wind from the land and the southern wind from the sea. Telašćica is one of the largest and best protected natural harbours on the east coast of the Adriatic. Name TELAŠĆICA probably originates from the Latin expression “tre lagus” meaning “three islands” It consists of three parts separated by narrowing. Those three parts are called: Tripuljak, Farfarikulac and Telašćica.